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We are a retailer of Premium quality sex dolls. Our dolls are not the cheapest, but our girls offer the most bang for your buck.  Here's why:

* All those who buy a doll from us will have access to exclusive videos on repair and maintenance

*Our dolls have more advanced skeletons than many of the cheaper dolls you find on other sites. They arch their back and shrug their shoulders. This is important for you to get her into a variety of sexual positions. 

*All of our WM, YL, OR, DollForever, DH168, Piper, and Sino dolls come with the option of a Footlocker to easily hide or store the doll. No one has to know you have a doll.

*Our prices include Shipping and Handling of the doll

*We can customize a doll for you using a variety of: 
individual heads, bodies, hair, eyes, skin tone, and nail colors.

*A large percentage of less expensive dolls for sale on the web are fake representations of the products we sell.

If you see a doll you like, just click on her picture.

PayPal has full purchase protection/which allows PayPal to refund any money that has been paid to The-Doll-House San Antonio LLC. If you have any concerns or questions at all, feel free to text or email. We are here to help you build your dream girl.  Imagine all the time and money you can save when you aren't spending time or money on dates, dating websites, or dating apps.  


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New Products

We are excited to now offer dolls from JY DOLL as well as amazing products from Fleshlight! Scroll down to glance at some of our new offerings.

135cm  Lin (4'5") 

$1049- Includes Tax and Shipping!

Lingerie / Clothing

Buy non-staining White stockings for your doll.


$1585 - Includes Tax and Shipping

Phoebe Elf

$1545 - Includes Tax and Shipping

Cute Wigs

Bright Blue Bob Wig


Stain Remover, Repair Glue, Eyes, Blankets, Suspension kits, and Flight Cases

140cm Ariel (4'7") 

$1745 Includes Tax and Shipping!


$20-$25 Dollars

Silicone and Different Sizes of TPE (1cm-2.5cm) insert now Available!

Emma [silicone] - 172cm (5'7")

Sino Head S2 - Emma
$2,999- Includes Tax and Shipping!

150cm Sasha (4'11)

Sasha 150cm realistic TPE Love Sex Doll
$1900 - Includes Tax and Shipping!

FleshLube Water, Fire, and Ice


When you bang our dolls and fleshlights, don't forget the lube!


Our Top Picks

We put our top girls here for our customers using a phone to browse our website. (The website is much easier to navigate with a computer or tablet). To see more of our sexy doll wifeys, go through our whole assortment using the "dolls" button at the top of the page. Click any doll's picture to visit her page.

Trisha 2.0 (C-Cup)

$2000- Includes Tax and Shipping


157cm Charlie (B-Cup) (5'1")

157cm Charlie
$1950- Includes Tax and Shipping!

156cm Cammie (B-Cup) [5'1"]

$1975 - Includes Tax and Shipping


157cm Summer (5'2")

$1950- Includes Tax and Shipping

166cm Francesca 2.0 (C-Cup)  [5'5"]

$2,000- Includes Tax and Shipping!More...

170cm Cheyenne (5'7")

Elsa 170cm TPE Love Sex Doll
$2,050- Includes Tax and Shipping!

163cm Heather (H-Cup) (5'4")

Heather 163cm H-Cup TPE
$2275- Includes Tax and Shipping!

Didn't see a girl you like?

No problem!

Check out our
selection of dolls from

 WM, YL, OR, DollForever, DH168, Piper, JY Doll,  and silicone dolls

from Z-One, Sino DollDS, and Sanhui .

We also have new products from AF Doll  and Fleshlight

Email questions to
or call or text us at 210-seven six two-7248 (United State phone number)
with your questions anytime. 

What Is A Love Doll?

The-Doll-House supplies TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone love dolls/sex dolls. See 

They contain metal skeletons which allow them to be fully poseable (with enough resistance to support the weight of the doll). The skin is very life-like and true to real human shape.

These dolls are so realistic, that these dolls can and have been used as fashion and art models. The dolls can be dressed, and positioned to suit your needs.  

Sexual Benefits

Love dolls provide sexual benefits to:

*Single or divorced people who do not have time to date. 

*For lonely men or women who have trouble meeting people.

*People in relationships with different sexual needs or who spend a significant amount of time apart. 


Please use the online contact form for general inquiries, or use the contact details for written inquiries.

While most contact we receive is in regards to doll orders and customizations, we are also available for general questions about doll use, aftercare, maintenance, and repairs.


Adult Content

Parental Advisory

By accessing this site, you declare that you are of the legal majority age according to the laws within your country, and are legally allowed to view content that implies nudity in a potentially sexually suggestive manner.


Please be aware that there are many unscrupulous dealers of so-called "TPE and/or Silicone Sex Dolls", who steal the imagery from the above manufacturers, in order to advertise what looks like a real Love Doll/Sex Doll.

These companies (such as many found at: 

  • Shopoza
  • Ovdoll

these vendors will then either, supply you with a fake copy of the actual advertised doll, or supply you with a doll that is not fully solid TPE or Silicone (partial inflatable), or even not supply you with a doll at all, but simply take your money, and disappear.



Payments can be made in a variety of ways:

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  • PayPal will work out any foreign exchange for you. 
  • PayPal Protection ensures a safe and insured transaction.
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