146cm Lillian

  • DH168 146cm Ai Sex Doll

"Happiness is not in having; it is in doing."

Lillian stands at 146cm/5ft (60in), and looks every part the beautiful girl from the Far East. Lillian is unmistakably Asian, which lends an air of the exotic.

Lillian is well suited to many different outfits and facial make-up.

Her body is athletic in shape, yet full and flexible, with a realistic athletic torso, and legs. 

Lillian is a 100% solid love/sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.

Body: 146 cm

Head: Lillian


Height: 146cm / 4'9" 
Shoulder: 32cm / 1.05ft (12.6in)
Bust: 74cm / 2.43ft (29.13in)
Chest: 55cm / 1.8ft (21.65in)
Waist: 46cm / 1.51ft (18.11in)
Hip: 76cm / 2.49ft (29.92in)
Length from arm to hand: 46cm / 1.51ft (18.11in)
Thigh Length: 32cm / 1.05ft (12.6in)
Lower Leg Length: 40cm / 1.31ft (15.75in)
Foot Length: 21cm / 0.71ft (8.46in)
Weight: 27kgs / 59.53lbs
Carton Size: 146cmX45cmX34cm / 4.79ft X 1.48ft X 1.12ft
Interactive Areas: 

Interactive Areas: Oral, Fixed/Removable Vagina, Anal.

Skin Color

There are five colors available for Piper Dolls:

  • White
  • Pink White
  • Honey Light
  • Slight Tan
  • Dark Tan
From lightest to darkest.

Eye Color

Eye Colour Options

There are five eye color options with Piper Dolls:

  • Blue
  • Blue-Green
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Wig Options

  • Wig Options
No 1. Short Fringed Black Bob  /  No 2. Short Fringed Brown Bob /  No 3.  Short Fringed Blonde Bob  /  No 4. Long No-Fringe Wavy Light Purple Hair
No 5.  Short No-Fringe Aquamarine Bob /  No 6. Short No-Fringe Light Blue Bob / No 7.  Short No-Fringe Brown Bob / No 8. Short Fringed Brown Pixie    
No 9.  Long No-Fringe Straight Brown Hair /  No 10. Long Fringed Wavy Black Hair / No 11. Long No-Fringe Wavy Silver / No 12. Long No-Fringe Wavy Brown Hair
No 13. Short Fringed Mouse Brown Bob / No 14. Long Fringed Wavy Black Hair / No 15. Long No-Fringe Straight Light Blue Hair /
No 16. Long No-Fringe Wavy Dark Purple Hair / No 17. Long No-Fringe Straight Copper Hair / No 18. Long No-Fringe Wavy Blonde Hair /
No 19. Long Fringed Straight Blonde Hair / No 20. Long Fringed Straight Brown Hair / No 21. Long Fringed Straight Black Hair / No 22. Long No-Fringe Straight Blonde Hair / No 23. Long No-Fringe Straight Grey Hair / No 24. Long Fringed Straight Pink Hair / No 25. Short No-Fringe Curly Blonde Hair /
No 26. Short No-Fringe Black Bob / No 27. Long Fringed Straight Mouse Brown Hair / No 28. Long No-Fringe Wavy Highlighted Brown Hair /
No 29. Long No-Fringe Straight Mouse Brown Hair / No 30. Short No-Fringe Strawberry Blonde Bob / No 31. Long No-Fringe Wavy Orange Hair /
No 32. Short Fringed Purple Pixie / No 33. Short No-Fringe Blue Pixie / No 34. Long No-Fringe Straight Black Hair /No 35. Long No-Fringe Straight Brown Hair /
No 36. Long No-Fringe Straight Blonde Hair 

Fingernail Options

Fingernail Options

There are ten fingernail options with Piper Doll:

  • French Manicure Pink
  • French Manicure Natural
  • Pink
  • Reddish Orange
  • Pearl White
  • Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Pearl Light Purple
  • Pearl Light Yellow
  • Pearl Light Blue

Toenail Options

Toenial Options

There are nine toenail options with Piper Doll:

*French Manicure Pink

*Dark Pink




*Fluorescent White

*Fluorescent Yellow

*Sky Blue


Insert Texture

For those customers who opt for the removable vagina, they have the option of choosing between 3 or 4 different textures, depending on the size of the doll they order.

For Dolls 100-115 cm tall, there are 3 options : 01, 02, and 03

For Dolls 116-134 cm tall, there are 3 options : 04, 05, and 06

For Dolls 135 cm and over, there are 4 options: 07, 08, 09, and 10

Foot Type

Foot Type

There are two foot types with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Standing - Will bear the weight of the doll on 3 studs in the feet
  • Normal - better for people who desire a real foot, but will not be able to stand the doll for more than 30 minutes.

Vagina Type


There are two types of vagina with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Built in - much like a real woman, where the vagina is an itegral part of the doll
  • Insert - where an insert is placed into the vaginal cavity (past the labia, so cannot be seen - unlike the image) and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

There are three colors of pubic hair that can be applied to a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Black ($40)
  • Brown ($40)
  • Blonde ($40)


Lip Options

Lips can either be::

  • Natural with a matte effect to the color
  • Coated with a gloss effect.