156cm Sasa (EVO)

"The longer we live, the more weight we carry in our hearts."

Sasa stands at 156cm/ 5' 1" , and looks every part the beautiful girl from the Far East. 

Sasa is unmistakably Asian, which lends an air of the exotic.

Sasa is well suited to many different outfits and facial make-up.

Her body is athletic in shape, yet full and flexible, with a realistic athletic torso, and legs. 

Sasa is a 100% solid love/sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.

Body: 156 cm EVO

Head: Sasa


Height: 156cm / 5ft 1 ins (61.42in)
Upper Body Height: 61cm / 2ft (24.02in)
Chest: 62cm / 2.03ft (24.41in)
Shoulder: 38cm / 1.25ft (14.96in)
Length of Arm: 44cm / 1.44ft (17.32in)
Wrist Girth: 12cm / 0.39ft (4.72in)
Thigh Length: 35cm / 1.15ft (13.78in)
Lower Leg Length: 47cm / 1.54ft (18.5in)
Weight: 29kgs / 63.93lbs
Bust: 75cm / 2.46ft (29.53in)
Waist: 56cm / 1.84ft (22.05in)
Hip: 83cm / 2.72ft (32.68in)
Length from arm to hand: 44cm / 1.44ft (17.32in)
Thigh Girth: 44cm / 44cm / 1.44ft (17.32in)
Calf Girth: 29cm / 0.95ft (11.42in)
Foot Length: 23cm / 0.75ft (9.06in)
Depth of Oral: 13cm / 0.43ft (5.12in)
Depth of Vagina: 16cm / 0.52ft (6.3in)
Depth of Anal: 15.5cm / 0.51ft (6.1in)
Wide of Holes: 1cm / 0.03ft (0.39in)
Gross weight: 35.5kgs / 78.26lbs
Carton Size: 147cm X 40cm X 32cm / 4.82ft X 1.31ft X 1.05ft

Interactive Areas: Oral, Fixed/Removable Vagina, Anal.

Evo Skeleton Enhancements

*Shoulders can shrug

*Spine will lean left and right

*Legs will kneel and feet will touch buttocks

*Legs will kneel into W position

Premium Wigs

There are 6 premium wigs available for DH168 dolls. These wigs are $25 as an add-on, or $10 in place of the standard wig:

A1: Fringed Mouse Brown Short Hair

A2: Fringed Black Short Hair

A3: Medium No-Fringe Copper Hair

B1: Long Fringed Blonde Hair

B2: Long Fringed Brown Hair

B3: Long Fringed Black Hair

EVO Head Enhancements

*Fast attach-detach head connection

*Body can be suspended by hanging kit

Skin Color

Skin Colour

There are three skin colour options with a DollHouse168 dolls:

  • Tan
  • Honey-Light
  • White

Eye Color

Eye Colour
There are three options for eye color with DollHouse168 dolls:
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown

Hair Options


There are eight hair options with a DollHouse168 doll:

  1. Dark Brown Long Fringed Hair
  2. Dark Brown Non-Fringed Long Hair
  3. Black Long Non-Fringed Long Hair
  4. Black Non-Fringed Long Hair
  5. Brown Short Hair
  6. Blonde Hair
  7. Brown Non-Fringed Long Hair
  8. Mouse Brown Long hair

Foot Type

Foot Type

There are two foot types with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Standing - Will bear the weight of the doll on 3 studs in the feet
  • Normal - better for people who desire a real foot, but will not be able to stand the doll for more than 30 minutes.

Vagina Type


There are two types of vagina with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Built in - much like a real woman, where the vagina is an itegral part of the doll
  • Insert - where an insert is placed into the vaginal cavity (past the labia, so cannot be seen - unlike the image) and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

There are three colors of pubic hair that can be applied to a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Black ($40)
  • Brown ($40)
  • Blonde ($40)


Lip Options

Lips can either be::

  • Natural with a matte effect to the color
  • Coated with a gloss effect.