Stoya Lotus Fleshlight

$89 dollars Shipping and Tax Included. 

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Molded from the very labia of Stoya herself, this amazing new fleshlight comes with the tight interior lotus texture. The Stoya lotus sleeve also comes with a classy flashlight-shaped pearlescent case.

The 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) diameter canal will gently hug your dick with adjustable vacuum action. Watch as your shaft disappears between Stoya's perfect pussy lips and her natural warm lubricant runs down your balls.

Watching porn can feel so much more realistic! 

Forget your hand! 

Imagine how much better Stoya's warm, wet, sucking vagina will feel on your hard pole. Her light green eyes, silky dark hair, and milky white complexion will leave you coming back for more.

Try the original Fleshlube Water or turn up the heat with Fleshlube Fire. Fleshlube Ice provides a stimulating cooling tingle on contact. Feel free to order one of each. We'll give you a break on the price if you order more than one.

And don't forget the fleshwash cleaner, the only cleaning agent that should be used to clean the Real Feel Super Skin this product is made from. 

Fleshlight's signature lubricant, fleshlube, is an amazing product and the fleshwash cleaner is highly recommended for a weekly cleaning that will prolong the life of your fleshlight investment.



We don't like to be pushy, but we highly recommend the fleshwash because the small amount of money it costs will prolong your fleshlight's life tremendously.

If you do decide to skip on the fleshwash, please remember soap should not be used and alcohol only very sparingly should be used to clean your fleshlight. Alcohol strips the natural oils from the Real Feel Super Skin.

 Cornstarch baby powder, which is found in most supermarkets is a decent substitute for the fleshlight renewal powder. Baby powder can be used to leave your girl Stoya feeling super nice and soft without a sticky feeling, ready for the next time you put your dick inside her tight wet pussy ;)

*Safe, non-toxic & phthalate-free. Patented SuperSkin material is soft, flexible, and durable. Easy to clean and store. 


Color: FleshTone

Orifice: Stoya's Vagina

Canal Diameter: 1/4 to 3/4 inch (0.6 - 1.9 cm)

Canal Texture: Lotus 

Length: 10 inches (25.4 cm)

Case Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches (10.2 to 6.4 cm)

Case: Pearlescent Case Included