In-Stock 156cm Big Breast JY Doll

 Check out our video of this lovely doll for sale on our YouTube channel. We lowered the price to sell her quickly. You won't find a better deal on this doll model anywhere else! She is highly upgraded, so take this into consideration when price matching, as many websites show the base price. This price includes all the best upgrades, tax and shipping in the cost. Our 156 cm JY doll's lovely slightly hollow breasts will be sure to keep you entertained for hours. Her beautiful brown eyes can be changed out from our in stock eyes by WM doll. She is in stock and ready to ship. Her asshole is extremely tight and her vagina removable for easy cleaning after sexy time. She has matching fingernails and toenails in a lovely rose red color. Her feet are standing so you can grab her hanging breasts  as you pound away in the standing position from behind her.

Check out our accessories and lube. If you purchase any accessories we will send them with her when she ships. Thank you so much for considering us for your purchase.
Stain Remover and TPE Glue Solvent

Material: Platinum  TPE
DOLL SIZE:156 cm
Neck:27 cm |10.6 inch
Shoulder Breadth:37 cm |14.6 inch
Arm Length:64 cm |25.2 inch
Palm Length:15 cm |5.9 inch
Leg Length:79 cm |31.1 inch
Foot Length:21 cm |8.3 inch
Full Bust:95 cm |37.4 inch
Under Bust:59 cm |23.2 inch
Waist:52 cm |20.5 inch
Hip:82 cm |32.3 inch
Oral Depth:12 cm |4.7 inch
Vaginal Depth:16 cm |6.3 inch
Anal Depth:14 cm |5.5 inch

Packing Size: 150*42*35 cm |59.1*16.5*13.8inch


Choose from any of these colors or aquamarine (color shown by itself)


From Left to Right:
  • White
  • Natural
  • Wheat
  • Tan
  • Five Skin Color Catalog: Black / Tan / Wheat / Natural / White

FingerNail / Toenail Color

Unlike other manufacturers you may choose to make the hand nails and toenails the same color! Here are the color's names in the same shape of the pictures to avoid confusion:

Top Row:                    Natural / Gray /  Pink
Bottom Row:   White / Rose Red / Red / Black

Breast Type

Left: Solid
Right: Hollow, for more real feel jggling action. Has pocket of air in center.

Areola / Labia Minora Color

You can make the nipple and labia minora color match or make them different colors.

Vagina Type

Left: Fixed (Built In) Vagina [requires douching to clean]

Right : Removable [ Can be installed in doll and removed after sex and cleaned in sink and dried on a towel or paper towel but some men say it is less realistic looking]

Removable vaginas can be ordered in Normal TPE or at an extra charge for Softer TPE or slightly more than cost of Softer TPE for Platinum TPE removable vagina.  There is a very slight difference in quality between the Softer TPE and Platinum TPE for vaginal insert purposes. Platinum TPE is slightly less oily than Softer TPE material.

Foot Type:

Left: Standing Feet - Allows Dolls to stand up and look cute and she can have sex in standing positions.

Right: Non-Standing Feet

Skeleton Type

Standard Skeleton: Non-shrugging shoulders. Less flexibility in knees. 

Advanced Skeleton: Allows TPE more flexibility for bent knees position for giving oral sex to her master and this skeleton also allows your doll to shrug her shoulders. 

TPE Type

Normal TPE - This is the standard firm TPE that comes with the doll

Softer TPE- A softer quality TPE option requested by our doll customers. The extra cost will give you the added benefit of a more real feel during sex, when the ass is slapped, and when the boobs are jiggled back and forth.

Platinum TPE - This TPE is just as soft as the high quality softer TPE with the added benefit of a less oily feel and less odor than the other two TPE formulas. The cost is worth it!

Wig Choice

Sorry, this is the best picture we have available from the manufacturer for the wig selection