Jessica 150cm

Jessica stands at 150cm/4ft 11ins, and DOES NOT have a removable head - There is no seam on her neck!

Because of this, Piper heads and bodies are not interchangeable. 

Jessica has a gorgeous body with breasts overflowing above any top she puts on. She has a sexy ass you will love to stand behind.


Jessica is well suited to many different outfits and facial make-up.

Jessica is also a 100% TPE solid love/sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.

Body: Piper 150cm
Head: Jessica


Height: 150cm / 4' 11"
Net Weight: 31kgs / 68.34lbs
Neck: 24cm / 9.45"
Shoulder: 30.5cm / 1'
Bust: 89.7cm / 2'11.32"
Chest: 53cm / 1'8.87"
Waist: 45cm / 1'5.72"
Hip: 84cm / 2'9.07"
Thigh Length: 39.6cm / 1'3.59"
Thigh Circumference: 47.8cm / 1'6.82"
Low Leg Length: 36cm / 1'2.17"
Calf Circumference: 29.1cm / 11.46"
Upper-Arm Length: 23.1cm / 9.09"
Upper-Arm Girth: 20.5cm / 8.07"
Forearm Length: 22.6cm / 8.9"
Forearm Girth: 19cm / 7.48"
Length of Foot: 18.8cm / 7.4"
Depth of Oral: 14cm / 5.5"
Depth of Anal: 16cm / 6.3"
Depth of Vagina: 18cm / 7.09"
Carton Size: 154cm X 38cm X 26cm / 5.05ft X 1.25ft X 0.85ft

Interactive Areas: 


Skin Color

Skin Colour Options

There are four colors available for Piper Dolls:

  • Pink White
  • Honey Light
  • Light Tan
  • Tan
From lightest to darkest.

Eye Color

Eye Colour Options

There are five eye color options with Piper Dolls:

  • Blue-Green
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Red


Lip Options

There are two lip options available with Piper Doll:

  • Natural (matte)
  • Coated (gloss)

Wig Options

Wig Options

Breast Options

Breast Options

Piper Doll breasts can be either:

  • Hollow - Lighter but less firm
  • Solid - Heavier but firmer

Areola Size

Areola Size Options

There are three areola size options for Piper Doll:

  • 3cm
  • 4cm
  • 5cm

Areola Color options

Areola Colour Options

There are four areola color options with Pipet Doll:

  • Natural
  • Pink
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

Fingernail Options

Fingernail Options

There are four fingernail options with Piper Doll:

  • Natural
  • Natural Manicure
  • Pink
  • Pink Manicure

Toenail Options

Toenial Options

There are eight toenail options with Piper Doll:

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Brown
  4. Natural
  5. Pink
  6. Purple
  7. Red
  8. Pink Manicure (Pedicure)

Foot Options

Foot Options

There are two foot options with Piper Doll:

  • Standard - looks like a normal foot, but will not bear the weight of the doll
  • Stand Up - Has three bolts in the sole of the foot, to bear the weight of the doll and allow to stand unaided.

Labia Color Option

Labia Colour Options

There are four Labia color options with Piper Doll:

  • Natural
  • Pink
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

Vagina Options

Vagina options

There are two vagina options with Piper Dolls:

  • Fixed vagina - vagina is part of the doll
  • Removable vagina - an insert is placed beyond the labia (so cannot be seen) and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Pubic Hair Options

Pubic Hair Options

There are Four Options with regard to pubic hair with Piper Doll:

  • No Pubic Hair
  • Black Pubic Hair ($40)
  • Brown Pubic Hair ($40)
  • Blonde Pubic Hair ($40)