• TPE repair solvent from WM Dolls

    TPE Solvent - Repair Glue.

    This TPE repair kit contains one 20ml vial/container of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Solvent...

  • Jinsan TPE Stain Remover

    Jinsan TPE Stain Remover

    Jinsan factory produced stain remover for all WM, YL, & OR Dolls, but safe to use for all TPE dolls. 
    Each jar contains 0.25 oz. of stain remover cream...

  • TPE Insert for WM OR and YL dolls

    Inserts for TPE Sex Dolls

    Inserts for TPE Dolls can be inspecific to which make of TPE doll may use them, as the TPE is very soft and malleable enough to fit into most full size doll vaginal cavities. The insert, as …

  • Inserts for Silicone Sex Dolls

    The inserts for a silicone doll are the part that constitutes a removable vagina.

    The Insert is made from natural/white coloured silicone...

  • Jinsan Eyes

    Jinsan produced eyes, for all WM, YL, & OR Dolls

  • Hair/Wigs for WM-Dolls Sex Dolls

    Jinsan Wigs

    Jinsan produced wigs, for all WM, YL, & OR Dolls

  • TPE Insert for Shemale

    Shemale Insert

    The Shemale insert converts the sex of your doll from female to shemale. The insert goes into the vaginal cavity, and secures itself from moving.The non insert part is the penis and testicle…

  • Flight Case

    A flight case is a good lockable option for storing your doll in a very discreet manner...

  • Jinsan Supersoft Plush Blanket

    These incredibly soft plushy fleece blankets are included as packing material with the purchase of all Jinsan (WM, YL, OR) dolls...

  • Doll Suspension Kit

    The Closet Bar Suspension Kit has been proven to be a safe and secure method for the storage for your sex dolls...