Skin Colour for Love Dolls/Sex dolls

Possible skin Colours

Skin Colour color for sex doll, skin color for love doll

The Skin colour of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

Most often there will be three to four options for the skin of your doll.

  • Brown - Tanned
  • Pink - Natural     
  • White - Pale 
  • Black - Very Dark

Sporty girls are more likely to have a tanned, outdoors look to their skin, so DC.The-Doll-House would advise a Brown Skin for a doll to look like an outdoors type of girl.

Pink, or Natural skin will have a colour that lends itself well to rouge/bronzer and other cosmetics, so is capable of many looks.

White skin is very pale, and good for a very Caucasian or a very pale Japanese look. Only light cosmetics should be used, unless a Gothic/Punk style is to be employed.

Black/Negro skin is available on some models, as is Yellow/Oriental skin. The individual pages for these dolls graphically demonstrate the colour differences in a doll.

These colours can differ by sex doll manufacturer. The options seen above relate to WM-Dolls, but there are similar options with other maufacturers such as: DS-Dolls, JM-Dolls, OR-Dolls, and YL-Dolls.